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We have our birthdays on the same day which is March 25. Can anyone besides her call Statutory Rape on me including her parents?I have read the penal codes and they are confusing so I thought I would ask you about it.If you are convicted, however, California law will count it as a misdemeanor, and not a felony, because you are less than three years older than she is.I can't tell you "everything" because I don't know everything, but I researched the relevant California penal codes at Ageof NO mentally healthy 28 year old MAN, has a "relationship" with a 15 year old. A man enters into a situation with a young teenager for one reason and we all know what it is. If he really was a great guy, he would be with a person his own age and not preying on a young teen who is naive and has less than half the life experiences he does. If she does, she is not mentally healthy right now, either. that doesn't mean they aren't getting nasty in other creative ways. the little girl needs to know that what he is doing is wrong."Age of consent" and "age of majority" are sometimes legally distinct, depending on where you live: Dear Panel, I am 16 and I am dating an 18 year old. If someone were to press charges against him for statutory rape, the two years' age difference would make him guilty of a misdemeanor, which carries lesser penalties than If he were three years older, when it would be a felony.Dear Panel, I am currently 17 and my girlfriend is 16.

His mother knew that we were dating and didn't care.Dear Panel, My younger brother got involved in a serious relationship when he was 17. The relationship progressed and he (obviously) turned 18 and she 16. – Scared Sister female, age 21, Texas, USA She or anyone else can press charges against him for statutory rape because the age of consent in Texas is 17.They had consentual sex throughout the relationship and got pregnant. But Texas has an "affirmative defense to prosecution" clause, tried in 1999, which may consider the act "not a criminal offense" because he is less than three years older than she is.Dear Not Sure, Anyone can "be" with anyone else, regardless of age; it's a Constitutional right (known as "the right of the people peaceably to assemble") given to Americans in the First Amendment.

And if you're asking about sex, the age of consent in Maine is 16, and therefore it is legal (but not advisable, in my opinion) for a 16 year old to have sex with a 23 year old.

– Ashley female, age 17, USA Dear Ashley, If both people having consensual sex are the same age, it's not statutory rape.

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