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And – most importantly – it’s supposed to look effortless.The work that women are expected to put in to chasing the ideal is expected to be invisible.In the popular young adult series, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson played Bella Swan and Edward Cullen respectively—AKA the modern day Romeo and Juliet—but with more dramatic flair, vampires and, of course, werewolves.His three-year relationship to fiancé FKA Twigs recently came to an end, with sources citing "time issues" as the reason for the breakup.Since finding himself a single man, R-Patts has found comfort in his friend Katy Perry.News of their break up came as a shock to their followers who had watched Lautner help his girlfriend deal with the grief following the loss of both her mother, Carrie Fisher and grandmother, Debbie Reynolds.The Danes responded in turn by making fun of the Swedish obsession with rules, as you would.

The service was at its best when a range of well-known Swedes took a turn at answering.The website Breathe released what were supposedly unretouched photos of the Bieb – photos that suggested that Bieber’s muscles and package got a Photoshop-based enlargement.Of course, Bieber’s legal team went into overdrive, insisting that the “before” pictures were the altered ones and forced Breathe Heavy to retract them.They couldn't decipher a word of what he was saying and deduced that he was therefore Danish. What followed was the biggest conflict between the two since Napoleonic times – we think.

In reality, the guy was just drunk and slurring his speech, which fortunately they later realized. It all started with a simple, sly comment from the official Sweden Twitter account about how their lakes are bigger than the entirety of Denmark.

Here are 11 of the most incredible Swedish stories 2016 had to offer.