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She always liked my writing and encouraged me to always write more.

But when she discovered it, she soon became an avid reader!As I thanked the host and headed toward the door, two female bloggers came up and wanted to shake my hand.I guess they had been watching me and thought I might be "[email protected]", but were too embarrassed to confirm it. Smitten: What prompted the decision to stop blogging? [ed note: not to be confused with our own Beth from The Girls in The Beauty Department.] Obviously, I knew she was reading so that compromised my "100% uncensored" content that I really strive for.Things are going really well: we talk daily and have discussed plans on having her move from New York to Los Angeles.

If someone would have told me "You're going to meet your next girlfriend via the Internet off a blog you created" I would have slapped my knee while holding my splitting sides.

Smitten: The bar across the eyes can only cover so much, did anyone ever recognize you?