Consoldating college loans

Most federal student loans also don’t require credit checks to qualify.If you graduate and work in public service – i.e., for the government or a qualifying nonprofit – the federal government also offers loan forgiveness options.When we sat down to find the best student loans, we performed in-depth research on major student loan providers and compared them.

If you choose to cosign a loan, stay in touch with the primary borrower to make sure you handle any issues before they begin to miss payments.Some of the lenders we reviewed do offer that – but you’re taking a risk because most forbearance programs are arbitrary, meaning the loan companies can decide whether or not to grant you the forbearance period.You might need private student loans to fill the gap between federal loan funds and the actual costs of college.We did research on the top private student lenders and came up with some criteria by which you can judge which private student loan is the best for you.

Getting a Cosigner You may want to consider getting a cosigner on a loan.

Its loans fall within most of our parameters, though it only offers variable rate loans and doesn’t provide unemployment protection.

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