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Support from friends, other family members and the church or synagogue can help too.But if family members are still overwhelmed and having problems, it may be time to consult an expert.Continue readingadoption, choice mom, donor insemination, insemination, motherhood, single mom, single mother by choice, single motherhood, single mothers, single parent, single women, SMC, solo mother, solo parenting, sperm donor At this time of year, SMC usually sees a pop in new members joining the organization, perhaps due to New Year’s resolutions, or just because it’s the start of a new year.And the biggest question for maybe-SMCs (who we call “Thinkers”) is often “How can I do this? ” There’s no question that being an SMC is challenging, as well as incredibly wonderful.Single parent families deal with many other pressures and potential problem areas that the nuclear family does not have to face.The single parent can help family members face these difficulties by talking with each other about their feelings and working together to tackle problems.

It doesn’t bother me to be doing this on my own; to be honest, once a friend convinced me two years ago that the SMC (single motherhood by choice) path was possible, I became genuinely excited by the thought …I even have a few SMC friends who profess they have no interest in dating. From the day I decided to become a SMC, I knew that because of my ticking biological clock I was simply resorting to plan B: baby first, relationship second. Wrongs, I realized that I wanted to be a mom, and that I needed to get on with it—on my own.But as soon as my precious daughter, Jayda, was born (with the help of an anonymous sperm donor), I knew it was only a matter of time before I got back out there and started looking for Mr.Now SMC has an opportunity to both contribute to Fertility IQ, and to benefit SMCs.

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