Generating list of changesets and updating work

You won't have to search through file folders to find what you're looking for.Instead, your most recently used items will be right there in a quick list for you to choose from. You'll also note that each workspace is independent.The column at the far right (which can optionally be showed/closed) shows a preview for the selected item, along with important identifying information.The top half of the window shows the image thumbnail.We use Image Magick through the "convert.exe" and "identify.exe" programs.Make sure that you write the full path to both Image Magick binaries since there's another "convert.exe" on "c:\Windows\System32" and this Windows binary is first on your path environment value!The second program (identify) is used to get the file properties inside your binaries files. Click the (only for directories) For each selected directory, search for all private objects within the directory tree and convert each one into a source-controlled item.

At one or more levels up the directory hierarchy, parent directories are either placed under source control or have new revisions created.This command does not process private objects that are specified in a workspace-local or user-global ignore file.Open a Diff view (Side-by-side Diff tool, Image Diff tool, Directory diff tool), showing the changes you've made to the selected file or directory in your workspace.It means that, if the selected, non-loaded file size is more than 1 Mi B, it won't be downloaded to generate its preview (but you will still be able to see its icon, if any, its size, and its attributes.) . Image Magick supports key gaming image formats like TGA, TIFF, PSD, and RAW.

The proposed template is "Image Magick"; you can select it as the default preview provider. You can view a full list at the Image Magick website.

You can configure the maximum file size to generate the preview of a file when that file is not loaded in the workspace (Browse repository on this label, Browse repository on this branch and Browse repository on this changeset modes).