Google chrome beta not updating

To suffice this, you must uninstall the newer beta version.But the newer version will leave some profile information on your computer.Now you need to create a new user profile using this thread. Also as a major note, never access the About Google Chrome which you used to find the version number.Otherwise it will again update to the newer version.Now watch the Chrome release blogÂand wait for the channel to release a stable version that is equal to the current beta or dev build.Then download the DMG containing the stable version of Google Chrome and install it in the normal way.

@productforums.Initially download the manual or offline installer of Chrome. After uninstalling current build or version, disconnect internet and then run the offline installer to install your requisite old version.Source : @I found a solution for this type of problem, but the location of Chrome executable was wrongly mentioned there. Just like Windows users, these people will try to avail beta or dev versions of Chrome for its modern features.So I'm mentioning with the correct location and path of Google Chrome here. When you use a "newer" version of Chrome, the profile data is automatically updated.The newer profile can read the older profile information but not vice-versa.

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