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As she did, our eyes met and i knew there and then, this is the girl i want, and she knew it...So we leave Tesco, 1 CD and 0 Red Bull, and she's still clutching my arm tightly and we're talking on multiple subjects, and im making her laugh, and she seems very warmed to me.So i decide to go in and give her a kiss on the lips, she accepted the kiss.Then i slipped my tounge into her mouth, she seemed to enjoy this more, as i put my hands around her hips, we both stopped and had a good snog in the drizzling rain.I went up, slowly, i knew what was coming, literally.

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hirevi: no hirevi: it has been 6 months willpostforfood: what do you look like? I was hanging around with some of my friends and we walked down to the local Tesco Extra to check out some CD's and DVD's and maybe get a six pack of Red Bull.So we're walking around, and this girl who i've known for a few weeks and got pretty close within that time period starts clutching onto my arm as we walk, and she compliments me on my bicep muscles.I awoke to the sight of my mother crying in the corner and my dad asking me if i was alright, i answered and asked what the time was, he answered with 8am, "I heared about what happened son..." he said.

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