Peer to peer sex chat room

One consistent predictor of adolescents' engagement in sexual risk behavior is their belief that peers are engaging in similar behavior; however, not all youth are equally susceptible to these peer influence effects.Understanding individual differences in to peer influence is critical to identifying adolescents at risk for negative health outcomes.In total, 78% of youth provided more risky responses in the chat room than those in pretest.The most robust predictor of this change was gender, with boys significantly more susceptible to peer influence than girls.The purpose of this project was to identify predictors of susceptibility to peer influence using a novel performance-based measure of sexual risk taking.= 12.6 years; 53% female; 44% Caucasian) who completed (1) a pretest assessment of demographics, sexual attitudes, and hypothetical scenarios measuring the likelihood of engaging in sexual risk behavior and (2) a subsequent experimental procedure that simulated an Internet chat room in which youth believed that they were communicating with peers regarding these same hypothetical scenarios.Please select which means of communication suits you best: is pleased to present forums accompanying each ailment or condition listed.

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