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This will allow you to easily compare files later to make sure nothings is missing or reconfigured wrong.Once you’re ready to dive in keep some of these articles in mind (and probably open): The General Upgrade Documentation is a must.Sitefinity is a robust and client-centric CMS offering developers the opportunity to craft a powerful website with little customization out-of-the-box. Like every great car, general maintenance and new features will be desired by its owner and it’ll be time to upgrade.The good folks at Telerik are constantly improving Sitefinity so that clients and developers can better deliver technology and information to the world.

Once the page,language is selected a dropdownlist will list all the resource keys.The document lays out the basic steps using the project manager for upgrading your Sitefinity site.The process is rather auto-magical to start, once you've deleted out the dlls bin directory the manager will do ‘its thing’ prompting you if you want to update the web.config automatically (which you do).Below is structure of the sample project that I have. I have added resource files for each page and each langauge In the next step I add a page that will allow to make the changes for the content in the resource files.

I have added a page called which will be available only for the team responsible for the content of the site.

Do you want the Google Desktop or Windows Sidebar widget?

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