Rihanna is dating matt kemp

So best advice is getting help now in this situation I know nothing of Matt whether it's true or not, whether he dealt with his or not.But Rihanna needs the help and her team not even getting her an ounce of help or even reflect/talk/seek isn't healthy for her.I don't know how true it is bcuz when a women want a restraining order she will say anything. _________________________________________________ Why would anyone be jealous of Rhianna because she dating an abusive man?!!!!!If this rumor is true, we're not the losers, we're the lucky ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until people get the help they need their not going to change.She chose to file a complaint and shortly thereafter, on her own accord, decided to drop it....

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Even if they were "casually dating", he could have at least called her up and say- "Yo, i like me some other chick....loves her some roughnecks...yeah. So, it's not a surprise (however sad) that Rihanna has attacted another abuser. Rumors are in a flurry today that Rihanna's new baseballer boo Matt Kemp isn't a fresh change of pace after all. According to a report by Yahoo News/The Mirror: Rihanna, 21, is currently dating LA Dodgers star Matt Kemp, and an ex-girlfriend of his, actress Felisha Terrell, 30, has revealed his violent past and claims that she took a restraining order out against him in June 2008. "He brings his friends driving up and down the street to try and intimidate me. He has other people calling me and stalking me," she added.Reports have been revealed that allege Matt has a restraining order against him..his 30 year old ex girlfriend Felisha Terrell. Terrell had in her application for the restraining order claimed that Matt was "kicked out of a club for fighting with a woman - I am afraid his behaviour will turn towards me since we are no longer dating".: Most of you know Matt was dating Letoya Luckett right before he got with Rihanna.Most of you haters on this site are jealous of Rih. How I see the situation is that one is getting help and one is not.

You wish the shoe was on the other foot, that is all. When you grow up in house-holds like that and things are not explained to the children they tend to pick up things and how to deal or attract things.

people are so caught up with the celebity life and have alot of shit going on in their life. Agent responds to accusations against Matt Kemp January 21, 2010 | pm Published reports indicated that a restraining order had been taken out by a woman against Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp in 2008.