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However as summer was coming the warm weather was swept away by a cloud from the north.With the cold cloud no one came to visit them anymore and the grandmother and daughter survived on what they had saved.The two larger islands are called Thera and Therasia and the three smaller islands are called Aspronisi, Nea Kamen, and Palaea. The kings' wife, Pasiphae, fell in love with the bull and seduced him, the result was the Minotaur.When King Minos discovered the Minotaur he locked him in a great maze (this maze is thought to possibly be the palace at Knossos.The two, a mother and small son traveled two hundred and fifteen miles through the cold with no food to reach another village that had food to offer.Both of these legends were written down by Old Willie but were nearly lost in a fire that destroyed his home.The legend tells of the cloud coming across the sky just as the hunting season was about to begin.

Theseus, son of the Athenian King Aegeus, volunteered to go to Crete, where he defeated the Minotaur, lead the people out of the maze, and freed the Athenians in Crete. It is said that this myth could reflect the fall of the Minoan empire.Eskimo is a term for the people that are the native inhabitants of the Artic regions of Alaska, Greenland, Siberia, Nunavut, Quebec, and the Northwest Territories.These people are divided into two groups the Inuit and the Yupik.Only ten of the villagers of the region survived and my next two legends are of four of the survivors.

Two of the survivors were a grandmother and granddaughter named Nasaruhk and Paniruhk.

The grandmother saved as much food as she could for the winter by drying the meat and preserving it in skin bags filled with seal oil.

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