Using wii shop channel without updating

These control input and output between the code running on the main processor (the Power PC "Broadway" processor) and the Wii's hardware features that did not exist on the Game Cube, which can only be accessed via the ARM.When Nintendo releases a new IOS version, except for unusual circumstances (for example security updates to block homebrew), the new IOS does not replace any IOS already installed.This means that while a piece of software is running, everything seen on the screen comes from that software, and not from any operating system or firmware.This includes the home menu (a menu of uniform appearance that appears when the home button is pressed in any piece of official Wii software), and any error messages that might appear.With downloaded software, this should not theoretically happen, as the user cannot access the shop to download software unless the player has all the IOS versions that they require.However, if homebrew is used to forcefully install or run a piece of software when the required IOS does not exist, the user is brought back to the system menu.

For example, it is possible to install applications such as Netflix to stream media (without requiring a disc) on the Wii.

With Internet connection enabled users are able to access the established Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service.

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