Vb net user control not updating

The grid will be displayed to the user and show them a list of relevant fields from the database (In this case Artist names like madonna).The user basically selects something out of the usercontrol's grid, this will then change the 'ID' and 'Display' properties of the usercontrol. You set the listviews display member to Description.Work Order.aspx: (there IS a Dev Ex grid on the page too, but I can find no relevance there.

Loaded data with standard Page_Load and worked the way it should.As far as i'm aware, i have done the databinding correctly .... although it is important to mention that there is no listview or datamember in the usercontrol, it is simply the usercontrol has two properties (ID, Display) that are connected through a bindingsource to a business object via data binding. Focus inside the usercontrol would cause validation (and the bindings to update) However what i decided to do was the following: ''' value Then m_o ID = value 'Immediately write the change the the datasource - Without doing this, databinding gets confused especially when changing both the ID and the Display If Me. To be quite honest, i already solved this problem a couple of hours ago but wanted to see what other 'Gurus' would suggest, i.e. The project, however uses When I changed to loading the data that way, it failed.

Not really sure what my options are, please assist if able.

Hi, using vb.net/vs 2003/sql server 2000 Working on a shopping cart app.

Vb net user control not updating comments

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